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Thermador 30" Dual Fuel vs. Wolf 30" Dual Fuel range

8 years ago

Sorry, I know this discussion has been talked to death and I think I've read every thread about it.

I'm torn about deciding between the Thermador and the Wolf. I like how the Thermador seems sturdier (oven door is nice and weighty), and it seems easier to clean. I've heard negative reviews on both brands (chipping interior with Wolf), bad customer service with Thermador.

Personally, I would rather have a range that wasn't 100% perfect, but excellent customer service/less repairs than a range that outperformed, but littered with problems and bad customer service.

There is a Wolf dealer where I'm located so I can actually see a demo, but there are no Thermador showrooms or demos. The only way for me to buy a Thermador is through a dealer and it looks like all the dealers have poor customer service...

Any opinions? I plan on having the stove for a long time and I'm an avid baker so even baking is important to me.


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