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No central air possible? Xpost w/ heating & air conditioning

Debbie B.
6 years ago

Hi all! So I recently bought a 1979 single wide manufactured home that I plan to completely refurbish top to bottom. I'm located in eastern Washington state. Most winters we get some snow, but rarely more than a few inches. Summers can get up in the 90's, but rarely exceeds 100.

When I bought this house, the furnace was not working, so I put in a refurbished one that I got for around $400. It was intended to be a stop gap measure until I can afford to put in a new one. There is a window air conditioning unit in the living room that is pretty old. Box fans were used by the former owners in the bedrooms.

So I thought as long as I have to replace the furnace anyway, and will likely have to replace the a/c in another summer or two, that maybe I should just put in a central HVAC system while I'm at it. I looked on the info plate that is required in every manufactured home to see what appropriate size the a/c should be. But the blank where they are supposed to write in the BTU's is blank! Then I noticed another sticker on the door of the electrical panel that said, "This home was not manufactured with the intent that a central a/c system would ever be installed," or words very close to that.

What does this mean? Does it mean I can't ever have central a/c in this house? Does it mean I'd need to put in a new/different duct system? I'd still need to figure out the maximum btu's, but I found a site that helps people calculate that. What about a mini-split? Or am I better off sticking with window units that are at least very simple to replace?

Thank you in advance for any expertise you may have to share! :-)

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