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Can anyone tell me what these brown spots on my houseplant are from?

8 years ago

When I first bought the plant a couple months ago it had maybe one or two brown spots if any. Now they're on almost every leaf. It gets indirect light but not a ton as i have it near my sliding glass door and live in a cloudy state. I've been keeping the soil pretty dry until I water it every two or three weeks. This is what I do with my twelve other house plants and they are fine. I have not repotted it since buying it and I know that definitely needs to happen soon. Could any of these be factors or is a disease of some type? I've never seen it on my other plants. This plant came from Fred Meyers and didn't have an info tag with its name or description of care on it so if anyone knows what kind of plant it is or what it needs me to change I'd be greatful.

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