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Mixing white and wood cabinets in a mid-century inspired kitchen

8 years ago

Which parts should I make white and which should I make wood?

This is my kitchen "doodle board."

Here's an close-up of my first color idea:

Here's w/ the microwave cabinet white as well:

And another option...

I'm worried that might not be enough white, but I'm not sure how to make it work.

Also open to suggestions on barstools if you have any thoughts in that department. :)

(Please please please try to overlook the OTR microwave. It's going to vent outside and that's the best we can do. We've already gone down that rabbit hole with our kitchen designer, who we think totally "gets us" functionally -- I'm posting for aesthetic help here because, while he's awesome at the functional stuff, his aesthetic style is very rustic/traditional and mine is more bohemian/modern.)

This is the granite I'll most likely go with (Delicatus / Alaska White). It has black, brown, cream, and white. It'll be on all the counters, and also the backsplash.

For the "white," I'll choose a cream that works with my granite.

This is the wood I'm leaning towards (alder w/ a "cappuccino" stain).

I'll post some inspiration pictures in the comments!

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