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Best trees or shrubs for along fence line?

Madchen L
8 years ago


We have a 6' fence along our property line in our backyard and I'd like to plant some trees or shrubs along this fence line. The house on the other side of the fence is a two story house and the windows look down right into our backyard! I can't stand how "exposed" I feel back there :) We live in Zone 4 and I'd definitely like something in the evergreen family to keep the privacy there all year. I'd like to plant something that will grow maybe 12'-15' tall, but maybe with only a 3'-5' spread, as this part of the yard is tight and I don't want the trees coming out too far into the yard.

I've looked into the Thuja Green Giant and also the Denudata Bamboo so far and I guess I'm wondering if anyone has any suggestions as to what would be best in this application and climate. I kind of like the idea of an evergreen Bamboo, though I've never grown bamboo so I worry I'll screw something up there....anyway, any input or ideas would be appreciated!

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