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Building a bathroom.....A few questions at this phase

6 years ago

First thanks in advance for all the help that is offered, I deeply appreciate it. This will no doubt be the first in a series of questions as I make it through this project. Basic description, building a master bath in a room that was originally an "office".

Current status. All supply, waste plumbing and electric service roughed in, new subfloor installed, now at the point of framing for (tile) shower and then building shower pan.

1. Shower will be tile walls with a glass door, but not glass panels. Door is being placed in the "corner" of the shower, angled, to reduce the footprint of the shower into the room. So the door will be 45 degrees to either wall. It "seems" I have two options regarding the door opening. I can make the door "frame" (tiled of course), perpendicular to the door, or perpendicular to the walls, which would then give me a beveled entrance with the smaller dimension on the inner wall and the larger dimension on the outer wall. This seems attractive because it would help prevent water leakage through the door edges. Of course the alternative it to bevel the opening back 45 degrees to keep the door frame perpendicular to the door. I am looking for advice on the pros and cons for each.

2. I have some 6" recessed cans left over from a kitchen rehab I did a few years ago. I want to use them up in this bathroom project. Can I use them in the shower as long as I have a shower "lens" that seals, or is there a special can for shower installations?

thank you again!!!

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