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It's March, 2016. How is your build progressing?

8 years ago

March! Winter is winding down (for most of us) and thoughts turn to- building! February was very slow, even with the extra day, but I'm confident that as the ground thaws, the houses will once again start rising out of the ground.

Spring comes early here in the south; the daffodils and forsythia are already in bloom. It was warm enough that I was finally able to take the garage door off and get it painted. Instead of dingy white, it is now the same dark gray green as the house, helping it to recede a bit and not be so prominent. Inside, I'm still picking away at the trim. I should be wrapped up in the next couple weeks.

How is your build progressing? We want to hear all about your pride and joy, even if it's still in the 'dirt' phase. We love pics- from the raw land to the final reveal. Modest or mansion, all are welcome. Our house is one of the smallest, plainest ones on here, but I show it off anyway. Please share your progress with us!

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