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Panel Ready Bosch Dishwasher wont sit flush with cabinets

8 years ago
Has anyone had an issue with panel-ready Bosch dishwashers not sitting flush with the rest of your cabinets? if so, how did you solve the problem?

We just bought and installed one and the dishwasher sticks out almost 2 inches, and that's without the panel even being installed yet. I can't even imagine how horrible its going to look with a 3/4' panel installed! The problem seems to be that all the drainage hoses and wires come straight out from the back of the unit (and not the bottom, like our old KA DW) and so there is no way to shove the DW all the way back against the wall. The hoses get in the way, and/or they get all kinked up and then the unit won't drain properly.

Am I missing something? The spec say the unit is 23.81" deep, so I guess its going to be a little proud of the cabinets, but the hoses make it stick out way more then that.

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