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Pips on my potted hostas....

Well, I've done this for a couple of years now. First with just Blue Mouse Ears, then added Wheee! Last year I added Prairie Sky, Fire Island and a sport from Rainforest Sunrise, to my potted group. Of the five - three have pips. They've been in the unheated, windowless garage all winter. I've given them each a little drink of water about once per month.

It has been a very mild winter here, but we did have some pretty good cold temps off-and-on. It's delightfully mild right now... and it IS almost March... but I was pretty surprised to see Wheee!, Prairie Sky and Fire Island poking up a little bit already this morning.

Is there anything I should do? I just know we'll have more cold weather. I think last year I started to move BMEs and Wheee out in April... first to the screened porch where they were very protected and its a little warmer next to the house.... then gradually out on the deck.

Will they be okay in the garage for a while yet?

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