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Advice on planting potted David Austin roses (zone 7a)

hsm (7a, VA)
7 years ago

I bought four David Austin roses last October on a clearance sale, and have overwintered them in my garage. I'm planning to plant them this spring and have no prior experience with English roses (I'm a new rose grower and still learning; I planted hybrid teas, grandifloras, and a drift groundcover rose last year, and have a 20 year old knockout rose bush in my yard). The DA roses I bought were Claire Austin, Winchester Cathedral, Tranquility, and one that is either Lichfield Angel or Lady of Shalot (several nursery tags show the former, but a tag near the graft site which I think came from the DA grower says the latter...I'm guessing it's really a Lady of Shalot). I have a few questions:

- When should I plant them?

- Should I prune them at all before or after planting, or leave them alone this year while they get established?

Anything else you can tell me about growing English roses for the first time, and/or tips on the varieties I have would be much appreciated!

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