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5 year old seed grown Longan blooming?

8 years ago

Like many northern tropical fruit lovers, I like to sow the seeds from the fruit I buy at my local Asian market. Winter space is precious so if you don't grow fast and stay healthy you get tossed to the compost pile (I'm in zone 7 but I have a greenhouse). Four or five years ago I planted some seeds from some longan fruit and one of them grew stronger and faster than all the others. I have it in a large plastic pot that I drag outside in the summer. Cool temps in the spring and fall don't seem to bother it, but it likes to move into the shade when summer gets hot. It grew so tall last summer than I had to chop it in half to get it through the door (which is big!). Now it appears to be blooming. I don't expect fruit this year but this tree has surprised me every season so I won't be surprised if they make it.

New leaves. You can see the bloom spike behind it.

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