How To Emulate This Barn Door Closet (Wall-Length Closet Design)

5 years ago
last modified: 5 years ago

We are redoing an entire bedroom wall and have the opportunity to create either a wall-length closet, or two 'his and hers' closets. I love the barn door look / idea and came across this photo which is pretty much exactly what I would hope for the space.

Our room is 12 x 12 (this photo appears to be 12 ft across on the closet side, but that's just me guessing based on how wide the doors and openings appear to be) so I imagine this would work nicely.

The only concern I have is -- do these barn doors not cover the entire closet opening? It's a charming look with an empty closet, but once our stuff is filling up the space I'm not sure we'd want the interior of the closet to be visible. OR, is that just a 'faux opening' and actually, the closet opening is more like 3 ft so when the barn doors are closed, there is simply a wall behind where the doors are now?

Sorry if my question doesn't make too much sense or if this is the wrong forum. Couldn't find closets as a topic :P. Thanks.

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