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Bathtub directly sit on dirt through a hole in the slab foundation!

7 years ago

While diagnosing a leak near bathtub in our vacant old house, our plumber cut a 1ft x 1ft hole in the drywall in the bedroom next to the bathroom. He identified the problem (faulty cartridge and leaking shower head seeping water into the wall) and fixed them. We let the area dry for a few days and today when my husband went to the house today wanting to fix the wall and he found the tub
directly sitting on the dirt through a hole in the slab foundation!! The hole is irregular shape and doesn't that seem the perfect breeding ground for ants, critters etc to get into the house - not to mention mold? In fact, hubby did find some mildrew on the back of the cutout drywall. Should we seal the opening? How? Pouring concrete into the hole?

Also, the seal between the tub drain and pipe seems
still leaking and there is moisture around it. See the circled section
in the picture attached. Should we apply some caulk or have the seal replaced? Is that a easy, quick DIY job or do we need to hire the plumber back again?

And what bothers me is that the soil
under the bathtub is very moist (this is after a week of plumber fixing the cartridge and shower head). My question is even after the tub drain seal is
fixed, can it get completely dry since it is directly dirt beneath the
foundation? Wouldn't it get wet again if it rains and the moisture seeps in from underground? Can it every get completely dry?

The house is 1-story, built in 1984. We are in Texas, no basement.


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