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How would you position this small antique oak cabinet?

8 years ago
last modified: 8 years ago

I bought this small oak cabinet yesterday. It is pretty
simple, except for the decorative scroll
at the top. Stylistically, it matches other pieces I have
and I have placed it in a small nook where I had a table that did not match
very well. I read magazines at the kitchen table, a few steps away, and the
drawers fit magazines and garden catalogs perfectly (maybe it will help me keep
the paper clutter out of sight. Maybe....?).

I don’t know what to do with the small door at the bottom.

So….your opinions, please: positioned front ways, it shows off the cabinet design and
hardware, but it sticks out 5 1/2 " into the passageway between family room and kitchen. Will I be always
bumping into it? Also the back is unfinished, and that 5 1/2” will show from the
family room. I doubt if it will be bright enough for me to notice the unfinished wood from that vantage point, however. The assymetrical scroll back design, being higher on the left, looks a
bit odd this way.

Positioned sideways, it sticks out less, 4", but the interesting details
are in shadow, at least on a cloudy day like today when I photographed it. The
scroll carving and the interesting hardware barely show.

Thanks for your input!

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