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Fiddle leaf fig problems... like 8 of them...


By now I've read quite a bit about how bad of a choice I made buying those plants, but they look oh so good in magazine pictures propped behind the sofa, and stretching their green leaves over side tables.

So when Home Depot (and I know the opinions on HD plants, too) had a clearance on majestic palms, I took my chance and asked if they were discounting the figs - "well, yes, they are 5.99, there are two left" the lady said, which prompted my mad dash to get a cart before anyone else noticed them. One short trip home in a Jetta looking like jungle explosion (2 figs, 2 palms, and assorted other plants), and I had my dream plants! They made it to the screened porch to enjoy the rest of the summer and early fall, and then things turned bad, when moved in for the winter...

I tried to ease off watering, and I think their pots are too small (but I
am not re-potting until they gain some strength), I sprayed them with
insecticidal soap, dusted the dirt with diatomaceous earth, and moved
the one that was sitting in a dark hallway to a bright, tho northern
window. Still, one of the three trunks of one of the trees wilted,
loosing most it's leaves, and the other you can see in pics - it's
turning spotty brown fast.

I have noticed tiny sivery-white bugs running on the dirt when I'm watering, but those are not supposed to be harmful.

I noticed the little fungus gnats that killed one of my plants last year - and I'm worried this is what's causing the plant distress. But there are just a few of them so far...

There is white, dry, residue on the trunks (you can see a bit of it in the pics), that comes of when rubbed, and does not feel waxy.

There is a few (new) leaves that have rusty brown spots, that are not raised.

There are leaves with lots of tiny, elongated marks on the underside (pics), and little growths (pic) that are hard, and I was not able to pierce them with my fingernail, or scrape off, like I would scale bugs.

I did not see any bugs on the plants, tho. And some of the leaves looked like they were chewed up by a caterpillar... I cut those off a few days ago, before I took the pictures.

I would be grateful for some advice on how to help the poor guys!

Also, is it a bad idea to go ahead and re-pot them? Can I divide them (they are grouped in 3s) into separate pots? Or trim them, so they don't go through the ceiling, like my umbrella plant is trying to?

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