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Concealing a TV - not wall mounted

7 years ago

We currently have our family room TV in an armoire. Since the room is 17 x 18, the TV is really small for the area. I have been fighting getting a larger TV, but my husband, who hardly requests anything, wants one. I still love the armoire, and while I realize these are supposedly dated, I don't care. I will be able to use it in another spot in the room.
I will buy a new console and the TV will be on it - don't know the size yet, but not too big. DH doesn't want to mount it on the wall - don't know exactly why he objects.
Anyway, I hate looking at a TV, maybe because I wouldn't even have one if up to me! I close the armoire whenever I can, especially when we have guests. I have looked and looked and see many ideas to conceal wall mounted TVs, but none for a TV which is on a cabinet.
I have thought of the cabinets where you can lower the TV into it, but if anyone has any other ideas, I would appreciate it.
Thank you.

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