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Mirandy or Chrysler Imperial?

8 years ago

I cannot identify either of these rose bushes. I was thinking the bush on the left is Chrysler Imperial, it is shorter, does not bloom as much, maybe not as dusky red as the one on the right, but they often look exactly the same. And then I thought the one on the right is Mirandy, taller, with the inverted traffic cone shape, duskier red, wine colored blossoms, especially when you bring them inside. The one on the right smells like citrus and rose. The scent is fleeting, sometimes it develops it, other times not at all. The one on the left does not bloom enough for me to remember its notes, but it is definitely damask. I think the one on the right smells better. I look forward to your input. Thanks everyone!

Blooms of the one on the right:

Blooms of the one on the left:

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