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My Most Embarrassing Moments....I still blush!

Aunt Audrey's post about the earlier days inspired me to invite others to join me in confessing your most embarrassing moments.

Some years ago, I worked as director of Golf and Landscaping at a resort facility on the coast. We called it "Greens and Grounds". We were all very close.

There was a big communal office which was shared by my supervisory staff and their assistants, and where the coffee pots for all employees were kept. Busy place first thing in the morning.

I had complained about my ancient Hoover (given to me by my mother) being out of commission and my golf superintendent told me to bring it in for a look-see.

He started pulling it apart at the busiest time in the morning, the office was full of guys, most of whom wanted to crowd around offering advice and opinions. You know how men can be.

He found something to grab onto and started pulling and pulling.....with all of us leaning in to get a better look.

All at once, he yanked out the offending object.....a lacy PINK (of all colors) bra! There was dead silence for a second or so before everybody started laughing, though I screeched and retreated to my own office.

Good grief, it was so embarrassing and funny at the same time.

Anyone want to take a turn?

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