Pantry and fridge wall - counter or no counter?

5 years ago

Here are our current plans. Although not shown in this picture, we have decided to flip flop the location of the dishwashers and sink so, while still in the island, they are closer to the table and sink across from range - this will give us a large prep area to the right of the island sink and a 24" cleanup area to the left of the sink. We have decided to stick with only 1 sink in the island and will not have a prep sink. We hope to widen the aisle between the range and sink about 6" (so it will be 54" wide). Our current kitchen is a galley kitchen with the sink and range on opposite walls (and we only have 1 sink). We do not think we will mind the sink being opposite the range as we are used to this setup.

We are struggling with the fridge/pantry wall (see several options below). We can't decide if we should have a counter there or not. We are worried about having enough fridge/freezer space. If we give up this counter, we can have a larger fridge/freezer. The counter seems like it would be nice for entertaining or just to have another place for coffee if we don't do the appliance garage.

The two "hutches" on the range wall may have appliance garages at the bottom. We were thinking the one by the table could house coffee and toaster. The one to the left of the range could house our mixer, blender, food processer, etc. How do people feel about appliance garages in the hutches?

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