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Please help: direct vent gas fireplace- ambiance with less heat

8 years ago

Hi everyone. I had poked around here a bit and settled on a Mendotta FV41 fireplace for new construction. It looks great. I saw it in person and was very happy. I was a bit concerned that it seemed very hot but at the store they kept saying oh that's because other fireplaces were on all day so the room is hot. I had the dealer/installer come today to the site to check on everything. The house is 4300 sq ft. He said it can handle a fireplace this strong however my concern was that it might be too strong. As the house is new, the hvac is more efficient than the fireplace so we don't need it for heating. Rather, I love sitting around a cozy fire. I want it for ambiance not heat (some heat is ok but I don't want it so hot that I can't watch TV with it on). When I told him my concerns he said- well this is a heater. I asked if I would be able to watch tv from maybe 8-12 feet away and he kind of avoided answering. I have a feeling this fireplace is too strong for us but I do like the look (both the flames, and the unit). Does anyone know of a nice looking fireplace that isn't a "heater." I would love a full view with a nice flame but with less heat. Yes I know all fireplaces will heat, but is there anything where I can have it on and not be roasting? Please help! We need to decide if we have to cancel the order ASAP.

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