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How difficult is it to install a Kraus apron sink in existing granite?

6 years ago

Want to install 36 inch Kraus apron sink in existing granite counter top with existing standard double sink. How hard is this? Have to cut the granite. Is this hard? Thanks

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  • _sophiewheeler
    6 years ago

    Standard apron front sinks are not terribly retrofittable into a standard sink base. Not without completely rebuilding the base to accept the taller apron, and then using a curtain below to replace then too tall doors of a standard sink base. Then there is the cutting and polishing of the granite on site. That is 3 hours of work by itself, minimum. Start at $1200 labor. End at around $2200. That is for a multi talented individual with extremely strong cross the board skills. One whom is exceedingly difficult to find. If you have to call, in a cabinet installer and granite fabricator both, expect to double the price.

    This ain't a hill you want to die on. Save hour money for a more extensive renovation down the road.

    happy123 thanked _sophiewheeler
  • happy123
    Original Author
    6 years ago

    Haha Sophie, nuff said!!! thank you!!

  • Oaktown
    6 years ago

    If you want to keep your cabinets, you could look at an apron front sink (like the Kohler Whitehaven) that fits a standard sink base.

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