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Kitchen Floor not level....can you scribe the cabinet?

Matthew Rieger
8 years ago

Will be installing base cabinets on one wall (about 8 feet of cabinets. The floor is about 3/4 to 1 inch out of level from one side to the other. Seems most of the high spot is in the first 3 feet, than the floor gets more level. Instead of running the base cabinets level from the high spot to the low spot, I was considering scribing the base cabinet to the floor, than turning it over, and trimming the the bottom edges some . Thinking this would better the condition so I do not have such a large gap on the low side. Thinking this would also correct the issue of reducing the crown molding space being if I use the high spot as my reference, it would reduce the wall space above the top of the wall cabinet by that much too. I was installing 39 inch wall cabinets, with crown molding to the ceiling.

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