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Cross-post: Talk to me about pressure cookers!

8 years ago

I wrote the following in the cookware forum, but sadly that's not a very popular section :( so I'm hoping someone passionate from the Kitchens area can help me out. Here's my original post, which you can find here:

"I'm bumping this topic because I need to bounce some ideas on buying a pressure cooker. Right now I have a T-fal that operates at a max of 12 psi and I'm looking for something that goes to 15 psi.

I have the option of buying a Fissler Vitaquick for the equivalent of about 100$, but couldn't really find any info on the operating pressure (wrote them an e-mail, haven't heard back yet).

Another option would be Kuhn Rikon, but from theamazon description, it also operates at about 12 psi.

My husband did find another option that goes up to 15 psi - Beem. It seems a very good choice seeing that it has two pots (one 4L and one 6 L) and a basket, and it also has good reviews. But I don't know anything about this brand.

What would you pick? I don't really want to go over 150 EUR, but if there's a very important reason to go over this amount, I could.

Thank you!

Edit: received an update from Fissler, all of their pressure cookers go to a max of 11 psi."

Thank you in advance!

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