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Open Cell Spray Foam Insulation for new Construction

8 years ago

Hello all,

I have two quick questions regarding open cell spray foam for new construction.

1. I have been told that because spray foam forms a tighter seal around the home, and because we need a certain amount of fresh air exchanged, we may need to install an energy recovery ventilator. I have spoke to several people about this, and most say it is unlikely we would need it, but it is recommended. Does anyone have any knowledge on this? How strongly is it recommended? What percentage of homes that are sprayed actually do this? We will already have an exhaust fan for our master bathroom and laundry room, and we have plenty of windows. If we need to install an energy recovery ventilator our HVAC contractor is saying it will cost an additional $2k-$4k (depending on size). With this extra cost, it makes me consider using fiberglass instead so any insight is appreciated.

2. Also, the other option we are considering is fiberglass. Everyone is recommending spray foam as it will keep heat and cooling cost down, but we can't get an approximation of savings. Will we be saving 10%? Is it 50%? Is it 90%? Now I know there are a bunch of variables, but a general range, or even an average saving would really be appreciated. If its just 1% saving it makes no financial sense. If its 50% it makes it worth it. As a note, this is for 4,000 sq ft home in downstate NY.

Thanks so much

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