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Any reason not to get this sink? Undermount a 30" sink in 30" cab?

Steve Doni
8 years ago

Have decided to get Quartz countertops and need to trim the fat elsewhere in the kitchen budget (sink, faucet, lighting, etc). Is there any reason not to get this sink?

I noticed there are a couple dozen similar sinks on amazon and wayfair all with different brand names I've never heard of, but this one on homedepot seems to have a fair amount of reviews so I'm less leary. We want a 28" wide (or wider) sink that's 9" deep ideally as it will be under mounted. Our friend has a 10" under mounted sink and I find it too deep. We also don't want zero radius corners despite how good they look, I won't enjoy keeping them clean. This one seems pretty cheap? There are no R10 or R20 radius sinks that I can find in our budget that are 9" deep?

Also we have room for a 36" base cabinet but I'd rather use a 30" cabinet and use those 6" elsewhere. We can't do 33" because we're buying IKEA. Is there any reason we wouldn't be able to fit this sink in a 30" cabinet? The bowl is 28" wide at the top and the Ikea cabinet is 28.5" wide once you subtract the 3/4" walls on either side, so in theory the lip of the sink which is 30" end to end would rest on the top of the cabinet walls. Right? :)


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