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Slowly I organized ... inch by inch, step by step

7 years ago

We have far less storage in this house than the other: loss of the garage storage (1 wall floor to ceiling shelving!), one less bedroom, no 16 foot wide bookcase wall, no closets (yup, not a closet in the house), no linen cupboards, less cabinetry in kitchen ... it was an impressive amount of storage we gave up. And the complication of having mostly adobe walls means we can't just install shelving wherever - it takes serious engineering.

But, my goal is to do at least one minor storage improvement a week, even if it's just one shelf cleared out and set up well or one trip to the thrift store with a donation, and try to do one major improvement a month. With every project there's a mini-cascade as things go into the "right" spot", and others move into the newly vacated place.

This month's big one was going to be installing a bigger bathroom cabinet over the toilet, filling the niche. Nice rustic hickory one from the Big Blue Store.

OOPSIE ... I only measured in one spot and the wall kinda swings in a bit at the top, so what would fit in the niche in one spot is an inch too big elsewhere.

So, back to the lumber aisles for supplies to build a custom sized set of shelves in the niche (the master bathroom and laundry are additions with studs and drywall, fortunately).

But I did get the pan lids sorted out and the orphan lids into the donation box. :)

And 2 pan lid racks installed (cheap metal racks) inside the cabinet next to the slide-out that doesn't hold enough lids. I have more storage than lids at the moment.

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