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Rear House Bump-Out - Bedroom, Bath

7 years ago

We're considering bumping out the back of the house 6 feet. We abut a 100 acre wood so have privacy in the back but have a somewhat steeply sloped, imperfectly landscaped back yard.

This would involve a new foundation so is not minor. Our bedroom and the small master bath would be both made larger. The bedroom resize is fairly simple (new windows, new sitting area), but it's offputting to consider the amount of work required in the bathroom.

Here's what we have currently:


1) Redo windows so we can (occasionally) see sunset

2) Add second walk-in closet or 2nd bureau (bureau is fine but neat to have fabulous walk-in)

3) Redo bathroom by adding cast iron or other tub, tile and hardware, which collectively make this a work of art. Re-do tile, windows, other elements as necessary.

4) Provide incredibly attractive support for those getting into and out of the tub (heated towel racks as support bars?)

Looking for something like this:

Hamptons, NY I · More Info

(But which isn't 80+ gallons, we're on a well).

Rustic Bathroom · More Info

(Not crazy about the tub, but this shows how I'd like to make it the center of attention).

Here's what our architect is suggesting:

There will be so much work in the bathroom. DH can do the plumbing and electrical, but we will hire out the tile work. I have no idea but am guessing perhaps 30-40 K for the job. (Foundation, windows, new siding back and left side of house added).

I would like the room to look like the below; textured subway, warm floor, light gray/greenish blue cabinetry, silver elements - but above all, clean lines. (I need help with this part!!)

Kitchen · More Info

Your thoughts would be very much appreciated. We've been here for 18 years and plan on many more.


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