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Sink install in 33 base... Kohler Executive Chef (says needs 36)

Faz N.
8 years ago

We did a kitchen remodel in our previous house a couple of years ago, and had a 33" sink base kraftmaid that we fit Franke ORX110 Orca sink in it with slight modification. (The Franke sink said it required 36" base as minimum.)
We liked that sink a lot, and now that we are in a different house with an upcoming kitchen remodel, we will most likely go with the same sink. But the current old sink is a 19 year old drop in kohler executive chef sink, and it is in such a great shape and all, that we are thinking perhaps we will buy a new undermount of the same and go with it instead of the Franke. I have already measured and the under the sink end to end is about 30" for the Kohler Exec chef, and the top edge lips extend to 33 inches almost. This should be a tight fit, but definitely the part of the sink that drops into the cabinet will fit in a 33 inch cabinet (31.5 inch inside dimension will leave about 1.5 inch or so wiggle room.
I am wondering if anyone here has had any experience with fitting an undermount kohler exec chef into a 33" base?
Thank you in advance.

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