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Strange experience in new home

8 years ago

I don't really know where to put this. I'm putting it in here because it could potentially be a home disaster.

We moved into a new construction end of September 2015. It's a duplex home, so we share a common wall with a neighbor.

December 30th we experienced a 4.8 earthquake. The only damage I noticed afterwards was a crack in the ceiling along one of the bedroom walls that ran along the ceiling edge of the entire top of the wall. It's an exterior wall.

We have the usual settling cracks - counter tops separating from the walls, doors not closing, etc. They were there before the earthquake.

We are situated on coastal clay/silt.

Yesterday, while watching TV, I noticed that the TV was moving on its stand. It was rocking quite noticeably. I also felt the house 'rumble' (a kind of shifting-vibrating feeling), but it wasn't making any noise - like it normally would in an earthquake. This went on for 6 or 7 seconds. The neighbor wasn't home, so it wasn't that they were doing something in their unit that might have affected our unit. I immediately checked the USGS Survey for an earthquake. There was none.

I understand that new construction takes some time to settle. What worries me is that if this is the ground or house settling should it be this obvious and should I be feeling it like this?

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