Fireplace surround--what material should I use?

5 years ago
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I'm down to the last decision in our build--the fireplace surround. For whatever reason, I keep second guessing what I want. Will you help me choose?

My gut tells me white mini glass subway tile with a gray grout. I'm concerned that's too much white, considering a majority of this 18' wall is SW Pure White. While I'd love a pop of color, I don't want to be sucked into a color scheme any more than I already have. Hello, blue island! (SW Gale Force)

I'm going for (what I consider) a bright, clean, transitional cottage/farmhouse. You may think otherwise ;) Regardless, my top choices for a surround:

1. White mini subway

2. Brickweb in Rushmore

3. Grey mini subway

4. Carrera Venato 2" marble hex

Pictures to get the feel of the space (more Open floor plan--fireplace on same wall as kitchen shelves. Tongue and groove above the fireplace (which will be covered by a tv) and on kitchen wall.

Will have quartersawn oak top on island with white Silestone perimeter counter tops.

2 sided dining nook--you can see the missing corner in the other pic of kitchen

Many thanks!

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