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Thoughts about adding a cart as an island?

8 years ago

Hi everyone. I would love to get your thoughts on my plan to have a cart built that will function as an island in my loft.

I live in a two floor loft. The entire downstairs in an open rectangle. Due to code regulations, we cannot build in a fixed island. However, I do want more counter space. I cook a lot and feel a bit cramped with the existing counter space. I also love galley kitchens and this would allow me to simulate that. The cart will be on locking castors so it will be easily moved. I also plan to make use of the wheels and envision moving it on a daily basis depending on need. It seems like a nice and flexible way to increase usable space in my kitchen given the open floor plan.

The only real alternative I can think of would be to add a peninsula to the end of the long run of counters. However, the counters cannot be extended down the wall more than 24 inches. The peninsula could only extend 72 inches from the left wall. It is highly unlikely I would move either the sink or cook top to the peninsula. Downsides to this are that we do not need peninsula seating and it would introduce a permanent obstacle into an otherwise open floor plan. It would be the only thing of its kind in the building. No one has made any significant changes to the original kitchens.

The cart will be no larger than 84 inches by 36 inches. However, dimensions are not yet final and I may decide from something closer to 72 x 30. At the max dimensions, aisles on either side are only 36 inches. On the refrigerator side, there is 48 inches, on the opposite side there is 60 inches. All of this is easily changed by moving the cart, but I imagine these dimensions will seem tight to most people. I mostly cook alone. The cart would allow someone to do prep on the dining table side of the cart though. The cart will have two shelves and will be topped with a piece of honed Eureka Danby that I found for an unbeatable price. I have included a picture of the current cart that we use that is similar but much smaller and no marble.

I welcome any thoughts you have. I have included a drawing of the first floor, a picture of the max possible dimensions of the cart, and an image of the cart we use now.

This is the existing cart that would be replaced.
This is a mockup of the maximum possible dimensions. In reality, it will be closer to 30 inches wide. Note that at the current tape out, there is only 36 inches on either side.
A drawing of the first floor. The living room part is a bit off. The half bathroom is unfortunately massive. The circles are cement pillars that supported the original facility when it was a cannery. The dining room table sits partially beneath the stairs.

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