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Advise me on kitchen faucet replacement or, what do you recommend?

7 years ago
last modified: 7 years ago

Hi All,

My 12 y.o, Dornbracht kitchen faucet has stopped working properly. I'll call Dornbracht tomorrow to find out whether the diverter can be replaced. It's a faucet plus high arc sprayer and the water always has switched back and forth perfectly. Now, only the sprayer works.

It may just be a small part. However there's a big issue. I have an upmounted Rohl farm sink in stainless steel counters. Because it sits on a base all the way across there's no access to the faucet from below.

So it's likely a nightmare scenario: the sink will need to be uninstalled so the faucet can be repaired. Removing a fireclay sink is always tricky.

I have an excellent, excellent plumber. No worries there. And even though this faucet has tripled in price and would be unafforable today, I need to consider -- given that the sink will likely be removed -- whether to repair a 12 y.o. faucet or replace. In theory, the this faucet should have a 30 year life. I'm not pleased something has gone wrong.

My sink deck has 2 holes. That gives me a lot of flexibility for a replacement.

I had a pull down KWC faucet in our apartment and loved it. Plus, I must have a sprayer for the 30" sink. I like high arc and have the space.

But we are seniors and I look at the touch and electronic faucets. It seems those would be so much easier to use and clean. This sprayer does not stay on. It is a lever sprayer.

Or not? There would need to be a manual control for power outages. OTOH are they too tricky? My DH has low vision.

Nothing will give the the design of the Dornbracht. I know that. But, practically speaking the
Kohler Sensate with 3 sensors plus a pull down head makes sense. What about something like the KWC Zoe which has a pull down sprayer PLUS an LED light in the tip?

There are some things I know I do not want. I don't want the Waterstone gantry. I don't want anything short or gnarly. I have a big window over the sink and the holes are spaced evenly and centered. Here are photos for reference.

Any and all suggestions would be welcome! TIA and happy new year to all.

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