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Need help deciding finalists for David Austin rose beds

Hello, all! I am completely renovating the two beds in front of the
front porch of my home. I have been injured the last two growing
seasons, and done nothing in the yard, and the only things that survived were my glorious Zephrine Drouhin climber (hot pink, wildly fragrant, seen below),
one Little Mischief (deep pink, tiny blossoms), two Crystal Fairies
(white), and one Jude The Obscure.

Now I am well, and my gift to myself is to have the front of my home not look like a scary Halloween house. I would like to complement my lovely survivors with some new DA friends. I have chosen a red-white-pink color scheme, which complements our recently repainted home. I have tried to select varieties that are more clear or bluish than pink or apricot. My husband assures me that he has no problem living in a house that looks like it was landscaped by the Virgin Connie Swail (some of you are laughing now and some of you are saying Whaaa?).

I am in zone 6b in Middle TN where blackspot is an issue, but I am prepared to spray as needed. The front of my house faces full west and will get sun from about noon on during the summer, though one of the beds will be shaded a little longer (the tree seen in the photo above was blown down in a storm this summer). The survivors are all currently grouped on the far right nicely. I have room for 2-3 roses to the left of the walkway (gets shade a bit longer), and 4-5 on the right, between the walkway and the survivors.

I would like varieties that won't shatter or blow too quickly, are heat resistant, are pleasantly fragrant if possible (I prefer old rose, but myrrh is nice as well), and don't make a hideous bush, since they will be in front of my home. I have included a couple of thornless varieties for areas near the walkway. I have grown DAs in the past, including my current Jude The Obscure (who will be relocated out of this area as he does not care for it).

I tried to choose appropriate varieties for my location and conditions, but there are a couple of sentimental choices (St. Swithin, Redoute). I am trying for a pleasant mix of white, light, medium, and deep pinks, and reds that will work well together and with the survivors. Other non-rose plants in the area will be a small Nikko Blue hydrangea (which may need to be relocated since the loss of the tree), two rosemary bushes, some white daisies, and some Old Farmyard variety hollyhocks. Catmint will line the front of the bed (lavender does not do well for me).

Based on ALL this, these are the varieties that I have selected as finalists after exhaustive (obsessive spreadsheet making, etc.) research on this forum and Help Me Find:

Winchester Cathedral

Glamis Castle

Queen of Sweden


St. Swithun (July 15 is my birthday)

Olivia Rose Austin

Princess Alexandra of Kent

Darcey Bussell (is she more of a deep pink or a red?)

Tess of the d'Urbervilles (climber for the other end of the porch from Zephy)

Munstead Wood (too much purple?)

Runners-up are The Alnwick Rose, Brother Cadfael, and Tradescant (though I cannot find Tradescant for sale anywhere in the US), and Dublin Bay (not an Austin, I know, and I think it would be too big for the area).

Any opinions on which I should pass on? Definitely get? Experience from growers in my area or conditions? Opinions on the varieties? Form issues? Color clashing possibilities?

Sorry so long, I wanted to give plenty on info so you knowledgeable folks could make recommendations. Thanks!

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