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Brown spots in leaves and brittle leaves

6 years ago

I initially posted this problem in the house plant forum. I did not realize there was a specific avocado growers forum. I reposted here.



My leaves have spots on them and holes. They are also becoming brittle. I have many new sprouts, but those leaves are also becoming brittle. I think it may be a bug, but I do not see any on the leaves (top or bottom). I have washed them with soap/water mix. Any thoughts?

I grew the the plant from a pit about a little over a year ago. Grew it initially from a pit suspended in water from tooth pics. Once it sprouted, I transplanted to a large pot (approx 19.5 diameter by 16.5 deep) where it thrived through summer. Early winter there was a frost which hit it before I brought it inside Many branches and leaves died (trimmed them off) the new growth looked good but has turned into the current issue. I occasionally use organic choice liquid fertilizer (miracle gro).

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