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Roses I don't hear about much: 'Mme. Antoine Rebe'

There are roses that are very good for me that don't come up much here on the forum, so I thought I would mention one of them. I have a bloom of 'Mme. Antoine Rebe' sitting in a little pitcher on the kitchen table, sharing space with winter jasmine, winter honeysuckle, and two battered blooms of 'Papa Gontier'. MAR looks fine, though. She is a floriferous Tea or Tea-China with semidouble blooms. The one on the table is a kind of hot pink, but the blooms are darker when it's not January, I recall cherry red or thereabouts. Dark colors in Tea roses are valuable. The bloom has an elegant shape: with its large petals and loose form it reminds me vaguely of magnolias; the plant is healthy and tough and it blooms any time that a Tea rose CAN bloom. Normally I don't have roses in the middle of winter, but this has been a warm and sunny year and the roses have been active. All that is about to come to an end with days of hard freezes due to arrive soon, and the Teas will be able to fall asleep at last.

So, there she is, that good rose 'Mme. Antoine Rebe'. The last name should have accents on both e's, but my computer won't do them. So, do you have roses that are good and that you don't hear much about? Let's hear about them.

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