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Prewiring internet/cable/cameras/sound system...

8 years ago


I am building a 4,000 sq ft home in NY State. Most homes in my development did a grand buildout for prewiring. There is a HomeTheater consultant that my neighbor used who they really loved. He is offering the following:
1. Home runs TV pre-wirings 8 locations,9 cables lines

2. Six surveillance camera prewire

3. robust Wi-Fi prewire,1 Ethernet line in Master Bedroom and 1 in family room.

4. One phone line.

5. Option: 5.1 Home Theater system in ceiling.

Questions include:

1. First does this proposal make sense?

2. Is it worth prewiring for a 5.1 home theater system in the family room for $500? Is it worth upgrading this to a 7.2 home theater for $750? Even further, should we include speakers to the kitchen (which opens to family room) for an additional $200 on top?

3. He is only going to hardwire internet in two rooms. Everything else through robust wi-fi, including the tvs. We are worried that the wifi won't be able to handle everything in a few years, but the installer felt otherwise. Thoughts?

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