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Dallas Landscaping Advice

greggy p
7 years ago

I live in north Dallas. My house is very formal, pink brick with stone accented arches, large windows, and some nice brickwork mostly obscured by the current landscaping. The front faces west. We have ugly box hedges with bare areas and gigantic overgrown hollies. There's a cypress at each end of the house and a crepe myrtle in the center. I want to tear out everything but the cypresses and crepe myrtle, but I don't know what to replace it with. I want something low maintenance that will look good year round that can take both the harsh summer Texas sun and can survive or come back from the short periods of freeze. I'd also like various plants that flower at different times of year. The beds are 6-8 feet from the house to the edging stones (rough cut stacked white marble) with irrigation and good drainage. Based on the house, I need something fairly formal that won't obscure the architecture too much. Climbing flowering vines could work in some spots, but with the size of the beds I need something more. Any suggestions or ideas?

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