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10X12 HFGH Build, Zone 6, Mid Ohio Valley

Randy Montgomery
8 years ago
last modified: 8 years ago

Just built a harbor freight greenhouse. I thought I would slap it up in a day with a hand here and there from my wife, not so. Not even close really. The instructions say you need two assistants and that is good advice. So far I haven't had any problems with the HFGH like others mentioned in this forum. I had all of my parts and extra, everything lined up if I kept it level and square, it seems very solid and durable, and my base is just buried in soil and I can't imagine it blowing away, windows and doors even work.

The key to success turned out to be following the instructions meticulously, having help if you want to finish in a reasonable amount of time(took me 4 days), heavy use of a level and square at every phase of construction, adding some screws, caulking, etc to strengthen the greenhouse and hold the panels in place.

This forum contains a lot of detailed discussions and advice about this exact greenhouse so I will just skip right to just showing off my pics :-) There are two links below, both with a lot of pics and some commentary.

My SOD Farm Facebook My Houzz Greenhouse Project

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