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My 10 x 12 HFGH build

Matt Smith
8 years ago

Been working on my HFGH over the past few weeks. So far it has gone up ok. The only big issue I've found is the corner connectors on the foundation are drilled wrong and makes the corners not line up right leaving a gap.

The slab was already there when we bought the house. It was a kids basketball court. I drilled and set 1/4" wedge anchors every 18" or so to secure the foundation to the slab.

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I put down the closed cell sill seal foam and wrapped the foundation metal in a tar and foil flashing tape to prevent rusting. I think later I may fold the foam up to touch the side of the foundation and secure a piece if right angle flasing to prevent water from penetrating under the foundation.

Below is a picture of the flashing tape on the metal foundation.

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I thought it was silly that the bolts on the bottom side of that right angle joining plate were sandwiched between the foundation and the bottom plate of the green house. It made that section bow up and my OCD nature wouldn't put up with that. So I drilled holes in the foundation so the bolts could come from the bottom side of the foundation and up through the plate. This sucked the plate tight to the foundation thus adding a stronger anchor point than just the clips. I did this on all 4 sides of the green house.

The structure went up as per the instructions.

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I've braced the walls like most others. I put a section of 1/2" EMT conduit from side wall to side wall in the middle going front to back of the green house. I mounted L brackets and drilled holes in the conduit and bolted the two together. This took the flex out of the walls.

Cross bar of conduit

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Said L bracket connection

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To brace the front and rear walls I attached another L bracket just to the left and right of where the cross bar is mounted. I also attached L brackets to the front and rear walls. I made a brace out of conduit that will tie the side walls to the front walls.

Just above the door

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There will be one of these braces at each corner

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These braces keep the front and rear walls from moving in and out.

At this point rain is holding me up. I'm going to seal the ends of the pannels with silicone in my garage to stay out of the rain. We're forcasted rain off and on the next two weeks so I don't know when I'll be able to get the pannels in.

I'll post more later when I get more done.

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