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Enlarging/remodeling master bedroom in older house

8 years ago

Our current layout is attached. Our goal is to enlarge the bathroom enough so that 2 people can stand (or one person can dry her hair comfortably), add a walk-in closet, and make the master bedroom feel spacious. We would also like a nook of some sort to use as a library/study in the master bedroom.

The house itself is 1300 sq ft (not all shown). The bathroom should probably stay approximately where it is to avoid costs of moving plumbing. External walls aren't moving, nor is the furnace closet or the guest bathroom. Windows can be adjusted, but extra $ challenge is to make them smaller or add, not remove them.

How would you best use the bath, both bedrooms, both closets and the awkward hall cabinet to create a larger bedroom, closet and bath that aren't disproportionate to the house and includes a small study area? (The study could be an area within the master bedroom or a separate room accessible from a hallway.)


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