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Sharing latest revision of plans

7 years ago

Wish everyone a happy 2016! Back in 2015 I started a couple of generic discussions regarding kitchen design (For reference, Sink Without Window and Open Or Closed Kitchens). Those helped me separate my wants from my fears, and this forum helped me mitigate my concerns by suggesting very clever solutions. It's been a long process, but now I see the light at the end of the tunnel. My latest revision of plans incorporates much of my wishlist, but this kitchen is far from final.

So, I am sharing my latest revision of plans (especially for desertsteph - who said it was hard to wait for revised plans! Sorry to keep you waiting and hope you enjoy checking out) -- note that I do not have detailed measurements of many spaces, but in general, kitchen from the wall behind the range to the end of the island is ~10', and dining bumpout itself is 16'x12'.

I am also in the process of getting a kitchen plan on a grid so it's easy to figure out dimensions etc. It will take a few days, however, because currently our whole family is battling some germs :-(.

So, to recap my situation:

- Cook a lot, a family with 1 kid. Love to entertain. Am a social person and hate being left alone in the kitchen (which is the case right now!). DH and I are vegetarian, but I do minimal cooking with meat for DD (only basic chopping, marination/stir fry on meat).

- Cook all sorts of stir fried and international foods, baking is in the future.

- Ease of maintenance is prime on my mind while I design my new house.

- This is not a forever house but we might stay here for another 10 years or so.

- Our style is clean lines/modern. The kitchen will have slab doors, stained not painted.

My wants:

- I have a bunch of appliances that I must have plugged in at all times, else I will not use them. And I must use them to do my best job. A pantry cabinet with internal shallow counter would be great, as would be walk in pantry! I am not a fan of appliance garages.

- I want my island to be a whole block of stone, with no sink in it (ideally). There will be seating around the island.

- I need plenty of prep space. (All my vegetables are prepped from scratch). I suppose island would work for this, and periphery will be useful as staging area.

- After much deliberation, I realized that I want an open kitchen, but I am scared that it will look messy. Currently the architect has designed the kitchen to be closable to Living but I am going to make it completely open.

Liberties possible:

- Assume that the window location can be changed along the exterior left wall but not much else can be changed.

- There is a staircase behind the main kitchen wall, and the space underneath it can be accessed from the kitchen to create a walk in pantry. I am open to this, though my preference would be to make it into utility closet.

- Top end is the backyard, bottom is the entry courtyard and right is enclosed private courtyard.

Without further ado, here are the plans. Can't wait to hear from the community!

(And by the way, feel free to comment on spaces other than the kitchen as well! I would love to hear feedback).

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