Heat Pump questions

5 years ago

We moved into a house in the summer with two heat pumps. The house is only 1600 sf so we have been assured that the units are ridiculously more capacity than we need.

Starting in the cool fall, the downstairs unit seemed to do okay but the upstairs unit seemed to have weaker air flow and the air wasn't particularly warm. But because we have two units in such a small house, we were mostly able to keep upstairs warm. We had an hvac guy come to look - he spent 4 hours cleaning the upstairs unit, confirmed the outdoor unit was brand new and said the inside unit was fully operational, but could use to be replaced (apparently the blower was weak).

It got cold this week (teens outside). Yesterday outside was chilly. Today is COLD. The downstairs unit says it shifted to aux heat. Upstairs thermostat doesn't say that (but i know it has a working aux unit, per the repair guy who checked it out). Upstairs is COLD. Has been on constantly and can't get above 67' (set to 70'). Downstairs was doing okay yesterday at 70'. But i turned off the upstairs unit because (1) i was worried about constantly running and (2) it was blowing clod-ish air onto all of us while we slept. Upstairs dropped to 62' overnight, and downstairs has dropped down to 66' too. I'm having a hard time telling if these are normal cold weather heat pump issues, and/or determining how much of the problem is contributed by one unit malfunctioning or both. For instance, it got really cold outside last night but i also turned off the upstairs unit. But downstairs can't seem to get to where it should be.

Anyone have any insight??

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