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Organic roses in South Africa and thoughts about life and health

jessjennings0 zone 10b
6 years ago
last modified: 6 years ago

Join the discussion on growing roses without chemicals, fungicides and poison. Share your philosophy about happiness and life, and what you do to keep healthy without pharmaceuticals.

Evelyn - my first photo of her after a long but worthwhile wait. Only scorches when the temperatures reaches 37 C+

Since I joined this exciting forum I have an organic rose garden, black spot free. (Thanks to Strawberry Hill)

please share your photo's wherever you are on this beautiful planet and be part of a wonderful community that can communicate in peace and share each other's joy with every new bloom.

In time I will add more photo's of my roses, but here are some that I took yesterday when it was cloudy.

Hey Jude - heavenly fragrance, scorches in our terrible heat

South Africa is experiencing major heat and drought. The temperatures here range between 7 C minimum in winter and more than 38 C the past few weeks. All these beauties suffered severely today when the temp went up above 39 C (102 F)

Wedding Garland - never scorches, always growing and blooming, lovely scent

Rose Celeste - scorched today but worth growing due to the perfumed fragrance. She creates her own pillar.

Recipe for black-spot free roses in my acidic clay soil (advice and research by Strawberry Hill in Chicagoland):

1 tsp Gypsum (Calcium), 1 tsp Sulfate of Potash - ONCE A WEEK. water in with at least 5 liters water (alkaline tap water)

Best to search more about the details in threads by Strawberry Hill...

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