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End of one season, start of another: decor edition

7 years ago

It's "put the decorations away" day, but some will stay out, I think. I really like the reindeer among the garland and trees atop the cabinets in the LR, just will lose the little lights. I think I will keep the garland with pale golden fairy lights on the DR buffet until the birthdays are over in two weeks, but I'll take out the red ornaments tucked in. I usually leave the little trees about, replacing the Santas with snowmen, through January. But I'm always sad to see the colored-lighted garland on the staircase go, and I really liked my new clear-lighted garlands all the way around the front and service doors, but I suppose they must go.

Anything you leave out for a bit of winter coziness? What are you sad to pack away? What are you glad to get back to? For me, ease of dusting!

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