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2016 Reading Challenge - Progress

8 years ago

I hope it's not too early to post an update. ;-)

I perused my bookshelves for unread books and I'm about halfway through my first "challenge" book. The Bridge Over the River Kwai by Pierre Boulle (a translated book). Some of the descriptions of Japanese are a bit disheartening but perhaps understandable since this was written shortly after WWII by a man who had been a POW.

I was sure I wouldn't read a "self-improvement book" because the genre leaves me cold. However I found a book on my shelves titled Mental Efficiency/Hints to Men & Women. Published in 1911. I have a weakness for old etiquette and instructional books.

Also on my shelf was a book of poetry owned by my only aunt - who died more than a decade before I was born. Inside the front cover is sketch she, I assume, drew of a woman's head in what looks like a bathing cap. But this would have been in the 1920s or 30s so it might be a hat. I treasure that book for the sketch but I've never read it. Now is the time.

Anyone else have updates?

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