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Established Green Giant Arborvitae Dying

7 years ago

I planted 30 green giant arborvitae 4 years ago and they have all been doing/growing well until a month ago. One tree started to turn brown at the bottom. It's in an area that gets less sun in the fall/winter, so I figured it was just growing through the usual browning that occurs every fall. Unfortunately, the browning has worsened and neighboring trees have started to go through the same process. I inspected the trees for signs of insects, but couldn't see anything, although I'm not entirely sure what to look for. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I spent a lot of money and a lot of time planting these trees and they're finally where we want them to be and don't want to lose them now.

Example of healthy trees

Affected trees

Worst tree after significant trimming

Closer view of worst tree

Neighboring tree (the significant browning is from the other, more damaged tree)

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