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help - my shower has a drain below the tile and a drain above it

Jason Schlachter
8 years ago
last modified: 8 years ago

help! my home builder installed a shower drain under our tiled shower floor...then there is a layer of tile, which is cut away above that drain, and then there is another drain above the tile. We didn't notice it during the first year but eventually the tile onto which the second drain was mounted (screwed) crumbled and the screws broke and the drain came free. Now we have about 1/2 inch of exposed tile around the drain and a very uneven floor. Seems totally wrong.

Is water going to get under our tiles from this setup? Should I try to fix this by putting silicone around the sides of the exposed tile? What about a long term solution? Can I hold my builder accountable even though the home warranty period has passed (1 yr)?

I'm trying to understand why the build would do this...and who would have been responsible...the plumber? bathroom builder?

See photos attached. Thanks!!!!

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