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need seeds for my desert tortise

susan Jensen
7 years ago
last modified: 7 years ago

look for desert tortoise's live food source, such as;

1. grape: Vito's conifers and V. Labrusca

2. pineapple guava: Frijoles Sellowiana

3. Ornamental Strawberry: Fragaria Chiloensis

4. Spineless Prickly Pear Cactus: Opuntia species

5. Rose: Rosa species, such as Belle of Portugal or Cecile Brunner

6. Red Clover: Trifolium Pratence

7. White Clover: Trifolium Repens

8. Chickweed

9. Smooth Sow Thristle

10. White-dead nettle

11. Red-dead nettle

12. Smooth Hawks-beard

13. Bramble

14. Mallows: Malta App.

15. Sedums: Sedum App.

  1. Hollyhock

Anyone has idea where I can find those weeds? Since I don't want to give the wrong food to my baby and poison/toxin and I don't have any experience of gardening, but willing to learn for my baby. Appreciate any help and I have the following to trade :

Italian Dandelion


Chinese Chive (edible)