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Mixing porcelain tile with travertine/limestone trim on backsplash?

8 years ago

Dear friends, we **finally** found the perfect tile for our backsplash. Loved limestone but for a variety of reasons don't feel comfortable using it. Key is that we can't be assured of the color tones that we'll get. Older samples are the right tone but newer in the same line are too light and, if enhanced, look too gold/orange. (We have shopped hard for this.) Since I don't like to be surprised, we decided to find a porcelain look alike.

Only downside of the "perfect" tile is that it's special order requiring that we buy an entire box of bullnose trim even though we only need a third of the box - spending an extra $200 on material we won't use.

We can buy travertine/limestone trim - pencil edges - by the piece and think we can find some with a good color match.

Is there any reason why we couldn't use the natural stone trim with the porcelain?

Thanks in advance.

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