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Need some fresh eyes to look at plan.

Alex House
7 years ago

I'm trying to tailor a plan that suites my present needs, my possible future needs while simultaneously staying within the range of future buyers with more traditional tastes and now, because so much of this plan has been from my own internal dialog about how I live and what I want, I'm concerned that the plan may be too idiosyncratic and out of touch with what home buyers are looking for, so I'd appreciate feedback.

The house is on a East-West axis, the kitchen facing due East. The room that is giving me the most trouble is the Dining Room, in that I'm stumped at how to give it its own sense of definition while still stealing some of it's space for a hallway between kitchen and living room. Those boxes across from the DR are representing a large fireplace. (I'll attach a photo of similar fireplaces.)

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